Trauma and Fractures

Experienced Trauma and Fractures Podiatrists in Bradenton

At Florida Foot and Ankle Specialists, our top priority is your foot and ankle health. Led by our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Jason Spector, we possess the expertise to diagnose and treat a diverse array of foot, ankle, and lower extremity conditions. Our commitment extends beyond routine preventive care, reaching the complexity of reconstructive surgery. We excel in trauma and fracture care, employing modern treatments, such as regenerative medicine to ensure optimal results tailored to your needs.

Our team believes in empowering patients through education. We ensure that you fully understand your condition, alongside the potential treatment options, before moving ahead with any procedure. Our dedication is to provide you with personalized, compassionate care, placing your health needs above all else.

We aim to get you back on your feet swiftly, without compromising the high-quality standards that define us. Should you have any queries or worries about your foot or ankle health, we encourage you to reach out to us. 


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    Trauma and Fractures

    Injuries to the foot and ankle can be serious, life-altering events. We understand that this is a challenging time in you and your family’s life and we are here to help. Whether it be a fall, trip, car accident or sports injury such as pickleball, soccer or tennis injuries, our specialists can expertly diagnose your injury and recommend a proper treatment regimen.

     Symptoms of Trauma and Fractures

     If you have had an injury or suspect you have had an injury, you may be experiencing severe pain, swelling, bruising, tenderness to the touch, difficulty walking or performing activity, throbbing, increased warmth and possible deformity.


    Treatment of your condition depends on the location, severity, and timing of the injury. Some trauma and fractures that our specialists commonly see include: ankle fractures (fibular, bimalleolar, trimalleolar, pilon), calcaneal fractures, cuboid fractures, lisfranc fracture/dislocations, Jones fractures, metatarsal fractures, navicular fractures, stress fractures, arthroscopy, external fixation, and achilles tendon rupture to name a few.


    If you suspect a foot or ankle injury, prompt evaluation and treatment are crucial. We are equipped to handle trauma and potential fractures, offering expert diagnosis and effective treatment plans. Our goal is to minimize the impact of the injury on your daily life, alleviate pain, and prevent further complications. Don’t take a chance with your foot and ankle health – schedule an appointment with us today. Your feet carry you through life, it’s time to give them the care they deserve.

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