Gout is condition that is caused abnormal deposits of crystalized uric acid in and around your joints. It most commonly affects the big toe but can affect any of the joints in your foot and ankle. There are two primarily reasons why Gout develops, either from your body overproducing uric acid or from an inability of your body to excrete enough uric acid. You may be at higher risk of developing Gout or having a flare with comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus, obesity and hypertension. Over the counter medications and diet (dairy, shellfish, red meat, red wine and beer) may also trigger a Gout attack.

Patients who have Gout may experience significant pain and the inability to ambulate normally. You may notice warmth, swelling, inflammation and limited range of motion. If left unresolved, you may have persistent pain, repeated flare-ups, and it could lead to destruction of your joints. It is important to speak with our specialists who can diagnose your pathology and provide a treatment regimen to help solve your Gout issue.

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