A neuroma is a condition that involves a thickening of the tissue around a nerve in your foot. These typically are located towards the front of your foot and are notorious for presenting between your third and fourth toes (termed Morton’s Neuroma). Patients typically exhibit sharp, burning pain that often radiates throughout the foot. Some patients even report numbness.

Patients also state that it feels like they have a marble in their shoe or they are walking on a pebble. Neuromas typically pop up after some sort of irritation, injury to the affected nerve, with tight fitting shoes, or with an underlying deformity. This, in turn, causes the nerve to enlarge and leads to further damage. X-rays, MRI or Ultrasound may be utilized to help confirm a clinical diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, there are various options for treatment. Come see our specialists today for a proper evaluation and a recommended treatment plan.


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