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Florida Foot and Ankle Specialists are dedicated to providing the best foot and ankle care available. Our board-certified podiatrist has completed additional fellowship training in diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot, ankle, and lower leg disorders. Whether it’s routine preventive care or complex reconstructive foot surgery, we employ the most advanced treatments to ensure our patients get the desired results.

We use cutting-edge technology such as the Remy class IV Laser treatment, 3D printing and patient-specific implants/instrumentation (PSI) to provide customized surgery with superior outcomes. We also understand that education is a vital part of any treatment plan; for this reason, our staff takes the time to clearly explain everything you need to know about your condition before presenting potential solutions.

Our commitment is always to put your health first while providing individualized and compassionate care. We strive to create an atmosphere that is attentive to your needs so that you can get back on your feet again as quickly as possible with excellent standards of quality care. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your foot or ankle condition, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here for you!


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    Stress Fractures


    Q: What causes stress fractures?

    A: Stress fractures are tiny breaks in the bone, commonly caused by repetitive force, such as overuse, overexertion and sports. They frequently occur in the foot and ankle, areas that bear the entire weight of your body.

    Q: Who is at risk for stress fractures?

    A: Individuals with conditions like osteoporosis are more susceptible to stress fractures due to decreased bone density. However, anyone who engages in activities that put repetitive strain on the foot and ankle can be at risk.

    Q: What are the symptoms of a stress fracture?

    A: The primary symptom is pain that intensifies over time and worsens with physical activity.

    Q: How are stress fractures diagnosed?

    A: Initial evaluations include ankle X-rays and a clinical assessment. If the diagnosis remains uncertain, advanced imaging such as CT scans or MRIs may be recommended for a definitive diagnosis.

    Q: Why might I need advanced imaging studies?

    A: Stress fractures usually appear on X-rays about 2 weeks after the injury. If you’re still experiencing pain despite earlier negative X-rays, advanced imaging can provide a clear diagnosis.

    Q: What are the treatment options for stress fractures?

    A: Most cases improve with conservative treatments. Some cases require immobilization and non weigh bearing. However, timely evaluation and treatment are crucial to avoid complications.

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