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Florida Foot and Ankle Specialists are committed to delivering exceptional foot and ankle care for ankle sprains and other podiatry related affliction. Our board-certified podiatrist has undergone specialized fellowship training to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders affecting the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Whether you need routine preventive care or complex reconstructive surgery, we utilize cutting-edge treatments to ensure optimal results.

At Florida Foot and Ankle Specialists, we employ advanced technologies such as the Remy Class IV Laser therapy for the treatment of various conditions such as ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, plantar warts, and Arthritis. We also employ 3D printing and patient-specific implants/instrumentation (PSI) to provide customized surgery with superior outcomes. We also recognize the importance of patient education and take the time to thoroughly explain your condition and discuss potential solutions.

Our primary focus is your health and well-being, and we provide personalized and compassionate care to meet your individual needs. Our goal is to help you regain mobility and get back on your feet as quickly as possible, while maintaining the highest standards of quality care. If you have any questions or concerns about your foot or ankle condition, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we are here to support you!


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    What is an Ankle Sprain?

    An ankle sprain is a prevalent injury that occurs when the ligaments in the ankle stretch or tear. This type of injury often happens when the ankle rolls inward, subjecting the joint to external force and causing damage to the tendons and ligaments within. The ankle joint consists of numerous ligaments on the inside and the outside of your ankle that support and help the ankle joint function. An ankle sprain typically occurs when your twist or roll your ankle.

    Common ways this injuries can occur is during activities such as sports, falls, activities on uneven surfaces, jumping, and falls. This places strain on these ligaments that are helping to stabilize your joint. Most of the time, the injury occurs on the outside part of the ankle and involves one or more of the three primary ligaments that are responsible for stabilization.

    Symptoms of an Ankle Sprain

    The severity of your sprain typically determines a strain, partial tear, full tear involving 1 or more of these ligaments. You may experience pain, dysfunction, swelling, tenderness, difficulty walking, bruising, and a popping sensation. Left untreated, this can lead to recurrent sprains, arthritis, and chronic instability.


     A doctor can diagnose and ankle spring with a thorough physical evaluation and X-rays of the ankle. Your specialist may recommend advanced imaging studies such as MRI, CT or ultrasound to determine the extent of your injury. It is essential to evaluate whether any other pathology is present (such as an OCD). It is important to not delay treatment so come see our specialist Dr. Jason Spector, for a proper evaluation and a recommended treatment plan.


    The objective of treating an ankle sprain is to alleviate pain and swelling, facilitate healing, and regain normal range of motion and strength. Our approach involves utilizing advanced technology like the Remy Class IV Laser Therapy specifically tailored for ankle sprains.

    By delivering focused light energy to the affected areas, laser therapy stimulates rapid healing, diminishes inflammation and pain, and expedites the recovery journey. Its non-invasive characteristics and the absence of adverse effects position laser therapy as the optimal choice for individuals in search of safe and efficient resolutions to their foot-related issues.

    It is important to not delay treatment so come see our specialist Dr. Jason Spector, for a proper evaluation and a recommended treatment plan.

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