Hallux Rigidus

Are you having trouble pain or bending your big toe? Does your toe feel stiff and prevent you from performing the activity that you want? You may be suffering from a condition called hallux limitus or hallux ridigus. These conditions essentially stem from degenerative arthritis to the joint of the big toe. Common causes of arthritis include trauma, overuse or underlying biomechanical abnormalities that precipitate increased strain on a joint.

Since this is a progressive, degenerative process you should NOT expect this to feel better with rest and time.

Symptoms you may experience include pain, burning, tingling, decreased range of motion, and stiffness to the big toe. Many patients report an inability to perform the activity they would like such as walking, running, weight-bearing activities, and sports. As your condition advances, you may experience worsening pain (during activity or at rest), difficulty wearing close-toed shoes, and alterations to your gait (how you walk). Diagnosis usually starts with X- rays and a thorough clinical evaluation. Advanced imaging studies such as CT or MRI are less commonly recommended. Once the entire scope of the condition is assessed, our specialists will create a customized treatment plan for you. Options typically encompass both non-surgical and surgical plans depending on the severity of your condition. Come see our specialists today for proper evaluation and treatment.

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