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Welcome to your Parrish Podiatrist team, the home of exceptional podiatric services in Parrish, Florida. We’re not just about the ordinary foot care, we specialize in advanced surgical solutions, sports podiatry, diabetic foot wellness, wound care, and rehabilitation for personal injuries.

Our sports podiatry division is dedicated to athletes and fitness aficionados, offering targeted treatments to foster foot wellbeing and accelerate recovery from injuries. In our diabetic foot wellness program, we leverage our deep understanding of the unique needs and potential problems of diabetic patients to provide top-tier care.

At the core of our operations is our team of dedicated professionals, committed to utilizing the most successful treatment methods and interventions for the health of your feet and ankles. We strive to ensure that your feet are not just healthy, but also comfortable. Should you be facing any discomfort in your foot or ankle, the Podiatry Professionals of Parrish are just a phone call or a mouse click away.

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    Welcome to our Office!

    Your Health, Our Priority at Florida Foot and Ankle Specialists!

    We are your dedicated Parrish podiatrist team. Our mission is clear-cut: Your health is at the heart of what we do. Our team consists of fellowship-trained, board-certified physicians who specialize in all conditions related to the foot and ankle. We embrace the latest medical advancements and utilize innovative techniques to provide quality care. Our approach is highly personalized as we tailor treatment plans to fit your unique needs. We place a strong emphasis on patient education, ensuring you are well-informed about your condition and understand all available treatment options. We are committed to delivering compassionate, attentive care to every patient.

    Our clientele hails from various locations in Parrish, including Aberdeen, Ancient Oaks, Copperstone, Creekside Preserve, Cross Creek, Forest Creek, Harrison Ranch, Kingsfield, Lakeside Preserve, River Plantation, River Woods, Silverleaf, and Twin Rivers.


    Reconstructive Surgery

    Our team conducts intricate reconstructive operations designed to rectify deformities in the foot and ankle, improve functionality, and eradicate pain.

    Workers Comp & Auto Accidents

    We provide a wide-range of care and rehabilitation program for foot and ankle injuries resulting from workplace accidents and vehicular collisions.

    Wound Care

    We specialize in the treatment of foot and ankle wounds, we employ cutting-edge techniques to hasten recovery and preclude complications.


    Our comprehensive podiatry services cover all aspects of foot and ankle health, from routine care to treatment of complex conditions.


    Foot and Ankle Doctor

    Non-Healing Wounds

    We offer specialized treatment for non-healing wounds, utilizing progressive therapies to foster healing and thwart infection.

    Foot Surgery

    We conduct a variety of foot surgeries to treat an array of conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, and fractures.

    Regenerative Medicine

    Our regenerative medicine offerings harness the body’s own cells to mend damaged tissues and facilitate healing in the foot and ankle.

    Ankle Surgery

    From sprains to intricate fractures, our team is proficient in state-of-the-art ankle surgeries aimed at restoring movement and easing discomfort.


    We offer expert diagnosis and treatment for equinus, a condition that restricts upward bending of the ankle.

    Sports Medicine

    Our sports medicine offerings aid athletes and fitness buffs in surmounting foot and ankle injuries and enhancing their performance.

    Foot & Ankle Skin Cancer

    We provide comprehensive care for skin cancers that affect the foot and ankle, inclusive of early detection, treatment, and subsequent care.

    Diabetic Foot Conditions

    We offer customized care for diabetic patients, including routine examinations, wound treatment, and preventive strategies to circumvent severe complications.


    Dr. Jason Spector, DPM, MS, AACFAS

    Dr. Spector is a Fellowship-trained, Board-certified, Foot and Ankle expert. He specializes in advanced Foot and Ankle Reconstruction, Total Ankle Replacement, Sports Medicine, Joint Arthroscopy, Trauma, Bunion Correction and all Podiatry-related disorders. He is passionate about creating innovative, comprehensive and individualized treatment plans to provide the best available solutions to his patients. He is dedicated to spending time with each and every patient to help them understand their medical concerns and feel confident with their treatment plan. We invite you to read more about Dr. Spector and discover why he is the right Physician for your medical needs.

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    Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound On Site


    Dr. Spector is an amazing personable and knowledgeable provider. I am so happy that I came across his practice. His facility is clean and beautifully designed. If you’ve been looking for a podiatrist, the search ends here! Highly highly recommended!

    Nadia S.

    Dr Spector is a great addition to Lakewood Ranch amazing specialist really patient and he make you feel so comfortable the staff is amazing deserve more that 5 star review and the really care about patient!!!we really don’t have words to thank him enough

    Diana S.

    Dr Spector is a 10/10. I actually travel an hour and a half just to see him. I’ve never felt more relief from a doctor, and I’m super grateful I found him – because there was so much information I didn’t know before I met him. I have a much better understanding of my issues now that he explained everything, and I can actually walk without pain again. I have very complicated foot issues, & I am so happy Dr Spector is my podiatrist because I can walk without pain now.

    Griffen S.

    We would love to talk. Don’t Hesitate to Reach out. 

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