Custom Orthotics and Braces

Orthotics and bracing are a mainstay of non-conservative treatment measures to help alleviate foot and ankle pain. Our specialists will perform a clinical biomechanical evaluation of your feet which, in conjunction with advanced imaging studies, can identify what medical pathology is afflicting you. Our specialist can determine whether you are a candidate for a custom, medical grade orthotic or brace. Utilizing a state-of-the-art digital scanning module, we can obtain a three-dimensional industrial grade impression of your lower extremities. This allows us to extrapolate the most precise, accurate impression to produce an orthotic or bracing device that can help support and re-align your feet.

Common reasons why you may be a candidate for custom orthotics include but are not limited to: flat feet, posterior tibial tendonitis/dysfunction, high arch (cavus) feet, heel pain, bunions, arthritis, Achilles tendonitis/pain, ankle sprains, sports injuries, diabetic neuropathy and foot/ankle wounds.

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