Puncture Wounds

A puncture wound is a serious condition that can happen to your foot or ankle. This typically occurs when you step on an object and it breaks the skin to come in contact with the underlying tissues. An example of this is when you step on a nail or a seashell. In Florida, this is a common experience to have. It is extremely important to be checked by a Foot and Ankle Specialist to determine the extent of your injury within the first 24 hours. If left untreated, this can lead to soft tissue and even bone infection.

Common objects that patients step on include nails, seashells, needles, glass, toothpicks, and sewing needles. The environment that the object was in is also an important determinant. Any object that punctures or remains in your foot is considered dirty. It important to determine the severity of your injury and assess the puncture site for possible infection and residual foreign bodies. If left untreated, a non-healing wound could lead to serious consequences such as hospitalization, amputation or loss of life. Come see a Foot and Ankle Specialist today for proper evaluation and treatment of your condition.

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