Volleyball Foot and Ankle Injuries

Benefits of Seeing a Florida Foot and Ankle Specialist for Volleyball Injury

Volleyball is an incredibly popular sport, but it can also cause serious injuries to the feet and ankles. While players can take certain precautions such as wearing proper footwear and using braces or other equipment, it is important to note that volleyball-related injuries are not uncommon. Studies have found that athletes who participate in the sport are twice as likely to suffer ankle sprains than those playing other sports.

One of the most common volleyball injuries is an ankle sprain. These occur when the ligaments surrounding the ankle are stretched out too far or become partially torn from excessive strain or force placed on them during a match. In addition to pain and swelling around the injured area, these sprains can also lead to instability in the ankle which can affect balance, making further injury more likely. Other signs and symptoms of an ankle sprain include discoloration due to bruising, a limited range of motion due to stiffness, and tenderness when pressure is applied around the joint.

Chronic ankle instability is another type of foot and ankle injury associated with playing volleyball that can occur due to repeated stress on the ligaments around the joint or even one severe sprain that had not been fully rehabilitated properly afterward. Symptoms of chronic ankle instability include pain in the affected area when bearing weight on it, recurring episodes of giving way (when one’s foot unexpectedly turns inward), increased swelling after physical activity, decreased range of motion due to scar tissue formation in the joint capsule, feelings of unsteadiness when walking, as well as difficulty balancing on uneven surfaces.

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    Other Conditions that arrise due to Vollyball Injuries

    In addition to sprains and chronic instability issues, volleyball players may also experience fractures caused by direct trauma or overuse as well as Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) – a condition where part of a bone becomes loose due to weakened cartilage underneath its surface – or stress fractures caused by repetitive movement leading to small cracks in bones within joints like those found near ankles or knees.

    Finally, fungal nails (onychomycosis) are another common problem for volleyball players because fungi thrive in damp environments like locker rooms. Additionally, athletes’ foot (tinea pedis) infections commonly occur from sharing sweaty shoes between teammates before the competition begins!

    If you have any concerns about possible foot/ankle problems related to playing volleyball, make sure you visit us at Florida Foot & Ankle Specialist as we specialize in treating athletic injuries for proper diagnosis/treatment/prevention advice!


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