Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is formed by the combination of the two calf muscles: the gastrocnemius and the soleus. It is also the largest and strongest tendon in your body. Tendonitis is a condition characterized by inflammation to a tendon. Achilles tendonitis typically occurs with overuse of the tendon, increases in activity, and repetitive strain on the tendon. You may feel pain, swelling, discomfort and stiffness on the back of your foot or leg. It is very common in runners, athletes, and those who work on their feet. If you have equinus, you may be more prone to developing tendonitis. You may also be predisposed given your age, foot structure, activity level, medical conditions, and medications you are taking.

Diagnosis typically starts with a thorough clinical evaluation and standard X-rays. Advanced imaging studies such as an MRI scan are sometimes recommended to better understand the severity of your condition.

It is important to have this treated, as it can become progressively worsen and make you predisposed to having tendinosis (degeneration of the tendon) or an Achilles Rupture. Come see our specialists today so we can help take that pain away!

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