Diabetic Foot Wounds (Ulcerations)

A wound, commonly referred to as an ulceration, is a break in the outer layer of the skin leaving the tissues underneath open. There are various reasons why ulcerations develop. One of the most common in the foot and ankle is complications from diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. Regardless of the reason, it is critical to see a Foot and Ankle Specialist anytime you suspect that you have an open wound. Complications from ulcerations can be devastating and sometimes lead to infection of the soft tissue and bone.

Symptoms that you could monitor for include calluses that may open, open wounds, increased redness, drainage, odor, and systemic signs such nausea, fever, vomiting, chills. Typical diagnosis includes X-rays and a thorough clinical evaluation. It is vital to not only evaluate the wound but also assess your complete medical history and any other confounding factors such as arterial or venous disease. Our award-winning specialists are experts in wound care and will work diligently with you towards healing you ulcer. We understand that this is a difficult time, and we are here to help. Your health is our number one priority, so come see our specialists today for proper evaluation and treatment.

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