Equinus is a condition characterized by limited upward motion at the ankle joint. You may notice this when you try to bring your toes up to your shins on one or both of your legs. You also may be wondering what is causing this condition. The usual culprit is a tight Achilles Tendon, which is formed by the combination of the two calf muscles: the gastrocnemius and the soleus. There are a multitude of conditions that can cause a tight Achilles Tendon and accompanying equinus including persistent inactivity, staying in a fixed position for a long period of time (for example when in a split or cast), congenital predisposition and other medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus. Less often, equinus can occur due to an osseous (bony) problem such as arthritis or loose bony fragments.

The consequences of equinus can be significant if left untreated. Correlated pathologies include plantar fasciitis, flat feet, tendonitis, arthritis in the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot, fatigue in your lower extremity, bunions, hammertoes, and pain in the forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot and ankle.

Whew, that’s a big list! The truth of the matter is that the Achilles Tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in your body. You can imagine when this is abnormally tight that it could have some very grave consequences on the foot and ankle.

You may be experiencing some of the symptoms of this condition without even knowing it! As your body tries to compensate, you may experience some of the above-mentioned issues. It is important to visit with a specialist who can help evaluate the totality of your condition. Come see our specialists today so we can properly diagnose you and help take that pain away!

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